Proof of Language Competency

FIDE examination

Fide stands for "French, Italian, German in Switzerland" and refers to the Swiss program for the promotion of linguistic integration. FIDE's objective is to guarantee effective and high-quality language development and assessment opportunities for allophones. Fide's diploma is recognised at the Swiss level and is issued on behalf of the State Secretariat for Migration (SEM). It certifies the oral and written skills of the candidate in the three national languages.


  • Level A1 oral is required for the residence permit (C)

  • Level A2 oral and A1 written for the settlement permit (B)

  • Level B1 oral and A2 written for naturalisation

With the FIDE French exam preparation courses, you are trained by certified trainers in order to quickly acquire the necessary language skills and lay the foundations for successful completion of the exam.

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